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Stay Alert – Don’t Get Hurt – Firework Safety

Rule of 6 Firework Celebrations From social distancing to the newly enforced rule of 6 large gatherings have temporarily been banned. This may have a detrimental effect on your plans for any sizable firework celebrations for occasions such as bonfire night or Halloween. However, it certainly does not put a stop to them all together! Whether you enjoy the annual celebration with just 6 of you or join forces with your neighbours to create an unforgettable display right from your back gardens, your fireworks display can still be out of... Read More

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New Year fireworks threat

Two of the world’s most famous fireworks displays are under threat over fears the events could spark a huge new coronavirus outbreak. In Sydney around a million people gather on the city’s iconic foreshore every year to watch the 12-minute fireworks display staged at the Sydney Opera House and on Harbour Bridge. In Sydney around a million people gather on the city’s iconic foreshore every year to watch the 12-minute fireworks display staged at the Sydney Opera House and on Harbour Bridge. It’s the same story in London where hundreds... Read More


4th July

4th July Background In 1976, on 4th July, 13 American colonies announced their separation from the powers of Great Britain. This was achieved by adopting the declaration of Independence which asserts that ‘all men are created equal’. Now we know why the national holiday is referred to as Independence Day! Traditionally people celebrate this national holiday with hot dogs, beer, barbeque’s and most importantly impressive firework displays that fill the night sky. FUN FACT: It is estimated that approximately 155 million hot dogs are consumed across the states on this... Read More


Glossary – Firework Jargon

When looking for fireworks for sale online you may come across a number of different phrases that you have never seen before and therefore confuse you. Well, we want to make your buying process as easy as possible so I have put together a small glossary full of any keywords and phrases commonly used within the fireworks industry. There are even some cool facts included too! Barrages  When individual fireworks tubes are packed together, having their fuses linked, they are called barrages. These only have to be lit once as... Read More


Fantastic Fireworks Top Picks

With lockdown being relaxed week by week, before we know it celebrations will be back in full swing. Therefore I have put together a small firework directory full of some our our top picks ready for any impending celebrations or festivities. Although venues are still closed and large gatherings are not yet permitted, all of the following fireworks are garden friendly, meaning you can let them off right from your home! However, you must remember that there is a minimum safety distance required for each firework, so do not forget... Read More


Reasons To Celebrate

Now I’m sure many of you are sat at home wondering what on earth is there to celebrate during such uncertain times. Well, I can tell you there is a lot to be thankful for and so many things to look forward too! With the lockdown easing week by week things are finally starting to look up. Although big events and large gatherings have been cancelled that does not mean we can’t celebrate in the comfort of our own homes. Celebration Fireworks Firework displays are perfect for any festivity and... Read More


Get Your Eid On.

All About Eid This weekend sees Muslims all over the world celebrating as Ramadam draws to a close and the Eid al-Fitr begins. Not everyone will know exactly what Eid is and how it is celebrated, so here is some background on the religious holiday and information on how it is most commonly celebrated! Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha are the 2 major Eids in the Islamic calendar, with one being celebrated early in the year and the other later. It is said that they recognise, celebrate and recall two... Read More


Firework Directory – Fireworks For Sale Near You

We are lucky to have such a wide variety of firework shops across the UK. Big or small they all offer a vast range of fireworks for sale either online and in-store or both. So, to help decide which best suits you we have put together a firework directory. Whether you are looking for your nearest local fireworks store, if you have a specific budget or even on the hunt for a specific brand, find it all in this directory. 15 of the best firework stores in the UK are... Read More


Stay inside for VE Day!

VE Day in Lockdown. No what we expected but we can make do. Of course, we must adhere to the current precautions and measures put in place to keep us and everyone around us safe. But this does not mean we cannot celebrate this victorious day. You can do so, safely, right from your own home! In case you didn’t know, 75 years ago, on the 8th May, the fight against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe. This day is now formally known as VE Day, and 75... Read More


Your Guide To The Best Goodbye Party to Coronavirus

Say Goodbye to COVID-19 I don’t know about you, but I think we need to celebrate when all of this is over. Celebrate in style. And what better way to do so than with a fireworks party. Fireworks bring happiness and light to any celebration. Even to those from afar, who can see the explosions fill the sky. You know when you see a firework it puts a smile on your face right? So here is your guide to the perfect goodbye party to COVID-19. Venue I know by the... Read More