4th July

The flag of USA
USA Flag

4th July Background

In 1976, on 4th July, 13 American colonies announced their separation from the powers of Great Britain. This was achieved by adopting the declaration of Independence which asserts that ‘all men are created equal’. Now we know why the national holiday is referred to as Independence Day! Traditionally people celebrate this national holiday with hot dogs, beer, barbeque’s and most importantly impressive firework displays that fill the night sky.

Mini burgers specially for 4th July with American Flag behind
Mini 4th July Burgers

FUN FACT: It is estimated that approximately 155 million hot dogs are consumed across the states on this day alone!

How will you be celebrating this year?

UK Celebrations

Professional fireworks display in 2017 in Pittsburgh on 4th July.
4th July Fireworks Display in Pittsburgh 2017

Here in the UK the 4th of July is one of the major firework celebrations of the year. This year we have even more to celebrate as further lockdown restrictions have been lifted, with pubs and restaurants now able to open!

We here at Fantastic Fireworks want to join in on the fun by spoiling you with a vast variety of fireworks for sale. Roman Candles, fountains, multishot’s, single ignitions and display packs are all amongst our vast selection of fireworks available to you online and in store. For those of you who have limited space we even have some indoor fireworks or sparklers!

Selection of Fireworks including Blueberry Pie, Raspberry Ripple, Chinese Whispers, Flying Colours, Cloud Nine, Pulsar Candles and Champagne Rain.
Selection of Fireworks from Fantastic Fireworks.

Although lockdown has been relaxed to a certain degree, there are still a number of restrictions left in place meaning no large gatherings can occur. As a result there will be no professional firework displays held for this occasion. However, this does not mean we cannot celebrate. Traditions can still continue and displays can still be held, it will just have to be done on a smaller scale and by yourselves!

Never put together your own fireworks display? Not to worry as we have just the thing to guide you along the way. Check out our video on how to set up your own fireworks display with Captain Fantastic!

So order today for delivery by the 4th and celebrate in style with a magnificent at home fireworks display.

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