Fantastic Fireworks Top Picks

With lockdown being relaxed week by week, before we know it celebrations will be back in full swing. Therefore I have put together a small firework directory full of some our our top picks ready for any impending celebrations or festivities. Although venues are still closed and large gatherings are not yet permitted, all of the following fireworks are garden friendly, meaning you can let them off right from your home! However, you must remember that there is a minimum safety distance required for each firework, so do not forget to check this before purchasing! 


Rockets are known for being loud, explosive fireworks that contribute beautifully to any display. Ranging in colour and price, Fantastic Fireworks rocket collection really does offer a little bit of everything.

Space Explorer Rockets
Pack of 5 Space Explorer Rockets.
Space Explorer Rockets.

These are our cheapest rocket yet full of colour and effects. Still of great quality yet at a very affordable price. 

Flying Pigs Rockets
Pack of 5 Flying Pig Rockets.
Flying Pigs Rockets.

Similar to the Silly Cow rockets, the Flying Pig rocket pack consists of some of the best performing rockets you can get for their size. These rockets are 1.3G meaning they have more explosive content in them for that bigger bang and spread of effect, hence their great performance. Check out the video to see just how good they are! All of this yet still at a low price!

Dynamo Rockets
Pack of 9 Dynamo Rockets.
Dynamo Rockets.

Being the most expensive, the Dynamo rocket pack is packed full of energy and amazing effects. They give your display that extra punch and panache. It even offers something very unique, the swimming octopus effect!

Rockets can be used in multiple ways. You can either buy multiple packs and enjoy a ‘rocket-fueled’ fireworks party, or they can be used to punctuate the gaps in your fireworks display. For instance, when a multishot firework has gone out and you are waiting for the next to kick into gear, simply send a rocket into the sky to fill the gap!

Multishot/Single Ignition Fireworks

Multishot/Single Ignition fireworks are compound fireworks that feature fireworks that have been fused together to create an even bigger and impressive firework display. All you have to do is light it once, stand back and be amazing at the range of effects, colours and bangs in the sky. We here at Fantastic Fireworks are proud of our vast range of multishot and single ignitions fireworks for sale online. Each one offers a diverse range of effects, colours and price, offering something for everyone.  

Star Craft, Galaxia & Redshift Rider

These 3 are amongst our low priced multishot firework collection, yet still of the high quality you would expect from the team at Fantastic Fireworks. Effects include, multicoloured stars, spinning projectiles and golden palms.

Goldilocks Zone, Temple of StarsSacred Heart 

All are a selection of fireworks all moderately priced. Temple of Stars is said to invoke visions of a canopy of stars, whilst Sacred Heart creates that special moment perfect for weddings and romantic celebrations.

Show of Fireworks, Solarcoaster & Starlight Express

These are amongst our most expensive and exclusive selection of fireworks. These multishots a full of huge bursts and spectacular effects from start to finish. No height restrictions required as they almost reach the stars! Offering you a display like no other, each of these are worth the extravagant price.

Loud Fireworks

Those of you looking to be heard and witness some ferocious explosions, then look no further. Our loud firework collection is bursting with impressive, roaring explosions that fill the sky. Amongst these of course include our previously mentioned rockets!

The Intimidator
A picture of the loud firework 'The Intimidator'.
The Intimidator

Our best selling firework in this range by quite some distance, yet one of the cheapest! See what all the fuss is about in the explosive video.

Hell Raiser 
A picture of the loud firework 'Hell Raiser'.
Hell Raiser.

Described as a devilish multsot firework, this explosive display will certainly offer some noise! It is perfect for that pre-finale and crescendo.

A picture of the loud firework 'Ragnarok'.

This is our most expensive noisy firework by a mile, but for a reason! The Ragnarok is a 120 shot compound firework which is big and bold with high quality effects. Some of these impressive effects include coloured star bursts, fizzing tails, huge palm breaks and go-getter stars. Click here to watch this noisy firework fill the sky. 

Low Noise Fireworks

For venues and households where noise is an issue we also offer an amazing range of quiet fireworks – no bangs, just lots of pretty stars that look brilliant but don’t upset the neighbours, pets and livestock. 

Chinese Whispers
A picture of the quiet firework 'Chinese Whispers'.
Chinese Whispers

This is a highly recommended quiet firework offering some great effects. Perfect when in company of young children, the elderly or pets who don’t want a lot of noise but still want to enjoy fireworks.

Pulsar Candles
A picture of the quiet firework 'Pulsar Candles'.
Pulsar Candles

Still low noise, yet offering something completely unique. These roman candles produce streams and pulses of golden tails with coloured tips that shoot into the sky. 

Flying Colours
A picture of the quiet firework 'Flying colours'
Flying Colours

Although it is the most expensive of them all, this new flagship item for our quieter fireworks range consists of a huge 62 shots. Therefore worth every penny!


A picture of 'mammoth sparklers'
Mammoth Sparklers

As you all know sparklers are a real fan favourite, especially amongst young kids. They keep everyone’s attention with their bright gold colour and truly massive length!

Bonanza Pack 
A picture of the Indoor Fireworks 'Bonanza Pack'
Indoor Fireworks – Bonanza Pack

This pack is filled with a super fun collection of indoor fireworks that will have you feeling nostalgic! It is perfect entertainment for birthday parties and small gatherings. Although the pack can only be in the hands of adults, the Bang Bang Fun Snaps can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Wax Procession Torches
Picture of the Wax Procession Torches.
Wax Procession Torches

Designed for torch lit processions. However they are also perfect to light up the garden to show walkways or to even add illumination at your BBQ or garden party.

So make sure you check out all of our fantastic fireworks for sale online and in store. They really are the perfect addition to any occasion and create some special memories. 

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