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About Single Ignition Fireworks

Fantastic Fireworks has the finest selection of single ignition fireworks for sale in the UK. Single ignition fireworks, also known as SIB fireworks, are named as such because they offer a whole display in one box.

The single ignition fireworks on offer are all aerial display fireworks, meaning every single one reaches at least 35 metres into the sky. The single fuse fireworks display is now the best-selling multishot firework among UK fireworks buyers, and research has shown that more people now buy single ignition fireworks in the UK than people who buy big rockets.

SIB fireworks are the best way to wow the audience at an event with minimum fuss. They are designed so that only one fuse needs to be lit before you stand back and admire the beautiful colours bursting up into the sky.

We have pooled together the very best single ignition displays from China's finest firework factories. Whether you are looking for fireworks for New Year's Eve, a wedding, Guy Fawkes Night, or other occasions, you will find a selection designed to wow here.

Reasons to use Single Ignition Fireworks:

• When you want to light only one fuse and are looking for a fireworks display in a box

• To hold a fireworks display with no hassle

• If you are new to fireworks and are looking for something easy to get you started

• If you want a variety in your fireworks display with minimum fuss

• For times when you just want to send guests home from your party with a great single ignition display!

After taking a look at the variety of single ignition fireworks we have at Fantastic Fireworks, make sure to browse more of what we have to offer. Choose from quiet fireworks to create a pretty visual display and also loud fireworks so that your party goes down a storm!